What did you want to grow up to be when you were little? Firefighter?Teacher?Lawyer?Sanctions czar? That last one probably wasn’t on the list. But it might be in the future. Increasingly, companies and firms are creating positions that might not have existed a few years—or even months—ago. There’s always a […]

This piece originally appeared on the author’s blog which you can view here. It has been lightly edited. I’m not the first local government employee to join the Great Resignation (or Reassessment, Realignment, Repositioning, etc.) and I certainly won’t be the last. According to MissionSquare Research Institute, 52% of local government […]

A family member recently bought a house. His realtor was connected to an agency of which I am familiar. In my opinion, the agency should not possess an insurance license. Incompetent would be the nicest description I would offer. Uncaring about the applicability of what was being sold would be […]

The Ministry of Education (MoE) has alerted job aspirants against fake websites claiming to offer government job opportunities. Listing examples of three such websites — sarvashiksha.online, samagra.shikshaabhiyan.co.in, and shikshaabhiyan.org.in, the ministry said that they misguide job aspirants by using a similar layout to that of the original websites and demand money […]