Hollywood resident running car rental business out of home, outraging neighbors

HOLLYWOOD, Fla. – Residents of one South Florida street are fuming after a neighbor opened a car rental business at his house.

They say constant car washing, customers coming and going and parking a fleet of vehicles has changed a quiet section of Lincoln Street in Hollywood to the point where some are ready to move.

Local 10 News has learned a new state law actually protects these home-based businesses, and cities have little say.

The rental business offers Teslas for $99 a day and a Corvette for $125. There are SUVs and other vehicles among the fleet, all available for rent.

“Well, there has been a lot of traffic in the area and on the street and I noticed they are washing cars, three or four at a time, on the roadway and at the home,” said resident Tim Flasher.

Neighbors say on any given day, they’ve seen up to eight cars parked in front of the small house, most of them taking up space on the roadway.

For $75 a day you can rent the Grand Cherokee Yosef Rabinovitz was cleaning when Local 10 News’ Jeff Weinsier confronted him about his home based business.


“Can I talk to you about the rentals?” asked Weinsier.

“What car rentals?” replied Rabinovitz.

“You are running a car rental business out of here and neighbors are upset about it,” Weinsier said.

“What car rental business?” Rabinowitz said.

“Do you think you should be running a car rental business in a neighborhood?” Weinsier continued.

Unfazed, Rabinowitz kept denying that he was running the business.

“I’m not doing it,” he insisted.

Rabinovitz owns the house on Lincoln Street but wouldn’t admit to running the rental service.

One of his partners however, said, “I speak with the city. The city didn’t have any problem.”

Online and according to state records, the business is known as TAKE IT EZ LLC.

The address clearly says they operate from 1107 Lincoln Street, the address for Rabinovitz’s home.

“Unacceptable,” said Flasher. “The city needs to do something about it.”

That may be easier said than done.


A new state law places restrictions on local governments when it comes to regulating home based businesses.

“We are trying to address the issues within the law,” said City of Hollywood Communications Manager Joann Husey. “Frankly the city is very limited. Municipalities are limited by what is allotted by the state statute.

“And as long as he is in compliance and meets the rules in the State of Florida, he will be able to operate that type of business in this residential neighborhood.”

That law says a home-based business may operate in an area zoned residential area. The business may not be prohibited, restricted, regulated, or licensed in a manner that is different from other businesses in a local government’s jurisdiction.

Employees must live in the residential dwelling and can have a total of two employees that don’t live there but work there.

However, a city can regulate or require a business tax receipt or license, parking, lighting, signage, storage of heavy equipment, noise, hazardous materials or fumes.


Rabinovitz has applied for a Hollywood business tax license to operate.

The city has warned him about the parking, but the reality is he can legally operate, making it hard to love thy neighbor.

“You are just making me crazy,” Rabinovitz said to Weinsier. “I’m not doing anything.”

“I’m making you crazy?” Weinsier replied. “I think you’re making the neighbors crazy.”

“I’m just living my life,” Rabinovitz said. “You are just living your life.”

Neighbors, meanwhile, are all but fed up.

“We are dealing with Airbnb’s all over the place, it is hard to live here, things have changed so much since 1970,” Flasher said. “Now we have a car rental place. What’s next?

“My house is for sale right now. I’m done with it.”

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