Failure to land govt job turns 24-year-old economics graduate into ‘Chaiwali’

A video has surfaced on social media featuring a 24-year-old girl running a tea stall outside Patna Women’s College, Bihar. An economic graduate and a government job aspirant, Priyanka Gupta has taken social media by storm after setting up a tea stall outside Women’s College in Patna. After failing to land a job in the banking sector, Gupta finally decided to venture into the tea-selling business, and she chose Patna women’s college as her business spot.

The 24-year-old economic graduate considers this a step towards being “Atmanirbahar” and considers Praful Billore, owner of MBA Chai Wala, as her role model. Notably, Gupta doesn’t believe in selling tea in the traditional fashion, which is why she took a detour and made a number of changes in her modus operandi. Gupta uses captivating punchlines inspired by Prafull Billore, such as “Soch mat Chalu kar de bas” and “log kya schoenge wo logo to sochne do” to attract youth to the tea stall.

24-year-old economics graduate turns proud Chaiwali after failing to get govt job

From govt job aspirant to Chaiwalli, Priyanka Gupta recounts her journey

While speaking to media persons, Gupta revealed her journey from being a government job aspirant to becoming a Chaiwalli. She stated that she came to Patna to study and land a government job, however, after failing to crack the bank’s competitive exams despite hard work for more than two years, she finally decided to set up a tea stall right outside the Patna Women’s College. 

Gupta stated that before setting up the tea stall, she invested two months in market research. She went to different tea stalls and shops to understand the flavours and mode of operation of each one of them. She even tried for a loan under the Prime Minister’s Mudra Loan Scheme, however, none of the banks showed interest in her idea and business. She said that after running from pillar to pillar, finally one of her friends helped her by giving her Rs 30,000 to open a tea stall. She said that after getting financial help, she worked on setting up the business, but, in the beginning, she was discouraged by her friends and relatives.

“I did my UG in 2019 but have been unable to get a job in the last 2 years. I took inspiration from Prafull Billie. She told news agency ANI that there are many chaiwallahs, so why can’t there be a chai wali?

Economic graduate Chaiwali offers 4 tea flavors

Presently, the 24-year-old economic graduate is offering four different types of tea – Kulhad tea, Masala tea, Paan tea, and Chocolate tea at her stall, and the cost per cup is, ranging between Rs 15 and Rs 20. In addition, she also offers cookies and takes extra care of hygiene and cleanliness around her stall.

Image: ANI

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