In particular, the Sandoz court held that, even wholly within a corporate client, nonlawyer personnel cannot disseminate corporate counsel’s legal advice without losing the privilege; and the court held that the common interest privilege attaches only to communications that include lawyers representing all of the clients participating in the common […]

(Reuters) – January may be cold and gray, but as a longtime legal business reporter/geek, I look forward to it every year. That’s because it’s when we start finding out how law firms fared financially the year before. FisherBroyles gave me an exclusive peek at its 2021 numbers, and I […]

(Reuters) – When now-defunct Coudert Brothers in early 1988 became the first U.S. law firm to open an office in Moscow, it was big news —feel-good evidence of glasnost in action as the Cold War sputtered out. Coudert’s clients “all have reacted enthusiastically to the prospect of having Western legal […]

As technology transforms our world, the legal field is being stirred up and rearranged as never before. But rather than seeing doom and gloom, tech-savvy law graduates view the phenomenon through a lens of opportunity. It may take them out of the daily grind of practicing traditional law and into […]